The Pennsylvania Historical Association advances knowledge about the history and culture of Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region because understanding how the past informs the present helps shape a better future.

Our constitutional purpose specifies that PHA activities promote interest in, reading of, or study of Pennsylvania history, especially as it relates to the larger context of American and world history.  To achieve this purpose, the association engages in a variety of pertinent activities, including an annual conference and publication of Pennsylvania History, a quarterly journal, and the Pennsylvania History Series of scholarly monographs.

Standing Rule 39 expands upon this mission, establishing the Committee for Advocacy and Outreach.

39. There shall be a Committee for Advocacy and Outreach, chaired by a current member of Council who is appointed by the president, and consist of three to five persons. It shall be the duty of the committee to engage the Association in advocacy for the promotion, learning, and teaching of Pennsylvania’s history.

So let’s coordinate and collaborate with historical institutions, agencies, and organizations, which likewise promote the learning and teaching of Pennsylvania’s history. Adopted April 30, 2011.

From time to time, the committee leads specific outreach and advocacy campaigns. Details can be found below:

Petition for Pennsylvania Lawmakers to Support Cultural and Educational Institutions in the Commonwealth through the COVID-19 Emergency Response & Recovery (25-June-2020)