Thursday, Oct. 11


All Thursday evening events to be held at, 230 North President Avenue, Lancaster. Get Directions

4:00 to 6:00 pm — PHA Council Meeting
Wheatland Carriage House at

4:00 to 5:30 pm — Guided Tour of President James Buchanan’s Wheatland

Sponsored by Attendees must register for tour when registering for conference.

6:00 pm to 7:15 pm — Opening Reception
Ware Commons at

7:30 pm — Keynote
Ryder Hall at

“Thaddeus Stevens, Disability and the Enduring Struggle for Civil Rights”

Thomas K. Gilhool (award-winning civil rights attorney and former Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

Sponsored by the Millersville University Honors College

Friday, Oct. 12

Lancaster Count Convention Center. Photo courtesy of the Lancaster Marriott in Penn Square

Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions will take place at the Lancaster County Convention Center, located in the Lancaster Marriott in Penn Square, at 25 S. Queen Street, Lancaster. Get Directions

8:30 to 9:30 am — Session # 1 Plenary
Commons on Vine

Benjamin Franklin, A Conversation: Editing, Archiving, and Writing about a Historical Icon

  • Moderator: James Green, Library Company of Philadelphia
  • Comments: The Audience
  • Papers:
    • “Editing Franklin’s Papers”
      Ellen Cohn, The Papers of Benjamin Franklin
    • “Current Scholarship on Franklin, with Ideas for Future Research”
      Carla Mulford, Penn State University

Morning Coffee – Available 9:30 – 11:30am in Commons on Vine
Sponsored by The McNeil Center for Early American Studies

9:45 to 11:00 am — Session #2

Panel 1: Natural Disasters and Response
Federal Room A

  • Chair and Commentator: Richard Burkert, Johnstown Area Heritage Association
  • Papers:
    • “Strike Three: The 1977 Johnstown Flood and its Aftermath”
      Pat Farabaugh, Saint Francis University
    • “Man’s Mistakes, Nature’s Wrath: Pennsylvania Environmental Disasters and Media Coverage”
      Megan McGee Yinger, Penn State Harrisburg

Panel 2: Music in 18th Century Pennsylvania
Fondersmith Auditorium, Fisher Parish House of Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church. Photo courtesy of Randolph Harris, Lancaster, PA

Session to be held in Fondersmith Auditorium in the Fisher Parish House of Trinity Lutheran Church, 31 South Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602. A tour of Trinity Lutheran Church will follow this session at 11:15 a.m. Get Directions

Sponsored by The Historic Lancaster Walking Tour Corp.

  • Chair and Commentator: Amy Schutt, SUNY Cortland
  • Papers:
    • “The Hermits of the Wissahickon: Pietists Musicians and Poets”
      Barbara Lewis, University of North Dakota
    • “Music at the May 1766 Inaugural Services at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster”
      Tanya Kevorkian, Millersville University
    • “Native-Language Hymns from the Moravian Archives”
      Sarah Eyerly, Florida State University

Panel 3: 20th Century Pennsylvania Politics from the Center to the Fringe
Independence Room A

  • Chair: Michael Birkner, Gettysburg College
  • Commentators:
    • Ken Heineman, Angelo State University
    • John McLarnon, Millersville University
  • Papers:
    • “What Election Results Reveal: 50 Years of Presidential Voting in a Rural Pennsylvania County” (1968-2018)
      Kimberlee Neitz, Independence University
    • “The War Within: The Fight for Party Modernization and a More Inclusive Republican Party in Philadelphia, 1961-1965”
      Steve Lilienthal, Independent Scholar
    • “Organizing for the Cooperative Commonwealth: Reading, Pennsylvania Socialists and U.S. Politics, 1927-1939”
      Ian Gavigan, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

11:15 am to 12:30 pm — Session #3

Panel 4: Roundtable: “Suffer the Little Children”: Media, Memory, and the Trauma of Mass Institutionalization
Federal Room A

  • Chair: Dennis Downey, Emeritus, Millersville University
  • Discussants:
    • Bill Baldini, career broadcast journalist
    • Kathleen Pavelko, WITF Media, Inc.
    • James Conroy, Center for Outcomes Analysis and Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance

Panel 5: What’s New on the Old Pennsylvania Frontier?
Federal Room B

  • Chair and Commentator: Patrick Spero, American Philosophical Society
  • Papers:
    • “The Four Nations of Indians upon the Susquehanna: Murder, Diplomacy, and Political Identity on the Pennsylvania Frontier, 1717-1722”
      Paul Douglas Newman, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
    • “Stump and Ironcutter: Who Rescued Them?
      Linda A. Ries, Pennsylvania Historical Association
    • “Exile at Aughwick: George Croghan, Fort Shirley, and Native American Alliances at the Outbreak of the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania”
      Jonathan Burns, Juniata College
      Presented by Andrew Dudash, Penn State University, University Park

Panel 6: Exploring Industrial Pennsylvania through T.M. Fowler’s Late 19th-Century Bird’s Eye Views
Independence A

  • Chair and Commentator: David Schuyler, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Papers:
    • “T.M. Fowler’s Bird’s Eye Views of Pennsylvania: An Overview”
      Curt Miner, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
    • “The Landscapes of Anthracite Mining Towns”
      Paul Shackel, University of Maryland
    • “The Geography of Pennsylvania’s 19th-Century Pulp and Paper Mill Industry”
      John Clark, Lafayette College

Panel 7: Roundtable: Maritime Resources in Erie, Pennsylvania
Independence B

  • Chair: Daniel Barr, Robert Morris University
  • Discussants:
    • Ben Ford, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • Joseph Lengieza, Flagship Niagara League
    • Benjamin Scharff, Mercyhurst University

12:30 to 1:00 pm — Members Meeting
Commons on Vine

1:00 to 2:15 pm — Luncheon
Commons on Vine

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission in the 21st CenturyAndrea Lowery, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Afternoon Coffee — Available 3-4 pm in the Vine Street Lobby

2:15 to 3:30 pm — Session #4

Panel 8: Stress and Structure in Pennsylvania Higher Education
Federal Room A

  • Chair: Catherine Anne Rios, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Commentator: Andrew Arnold, Kutztown University
  • Papers:
    • ‘There is strength in our collectiveness’: Gay Activism at Pennsylvania State Colleges during the 1970s and 1980s”
      William Bergmann, Slippery Rock University
    • “Prelude to Controversy: Friends of Democracy and the Vetting of Roy E. Harris for the Pennsylvania College for Women”
      Richard Mulcahy, University of Pittsburgh/Titusville

Panel 9: Roundtable: From Boxcar to Heritage Site: Creating the Cumberland Valley Railroad Museum at Shippensburg Station
Federal Room B

  • Chair: Allen Dieterich-Ward, Shippensburg University
  • Discussants:
    • Tiffany Weaver, Penn State Harrisburg
    • Steven Burg, Shippensburg University
    • Christy Fic, Shippensburg University
    • Mitchell Burrows, Shippensburg Revitalization Group

Panel 10: Race and Gender in 19th Century Pennsylvania
Independence A

Sponsored by Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

  • Chair: Rachel Batch, Widener University
  • Commentator: Diane Wenger, Wilkes University
  • Papers:
    • “Guiding Madison: An Examination of Madison Ulysses Ayles and his Experience with the Children’s Aid Society”
      Charles Withers, Villanova University
    • “‘But You’re Black’: The Overlooked Community of Scranton, Pennsylvania”
      Glynis Johns, Architectural Heritage Association

Panel 11: Everyday Life in Pennsylvania: 1910-1940
Independence B

  • Chair: Silas Chamberlin, CEO Downtown, Inc.
  • Commentator: Adam Bentz, Lebanon County Historical Society
  • Papers:
    • “ ‘Seems to be about Regular’: Standing by in Central Pennsylvania”
      Ed Slavishak, Susquehanna University
    • “Father Liebel’s War: The Home Front in North Central Pennsylvania during the Second World War”
      Michael Gabriel, Kutztown University
    • “See if You Can Run a Fire Company”
      Richard Lindberg, Independent Scholar

3:45 to 5 pm — Session #5

Panel 12: Commerce and Community
Federal Room A

  • Chair: Louise Stevenson, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Commentator: Dennis Deslippe, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Papers:
    • “We are Living in a Material World: Commerce, Space, and Race in the ‘Suburban’ Marketplace of Northeastern Philadelphia, 1950-1965”
      Matthew Smalarz, Manor College
    • “ ‘The Pleasure of Thy Society’: The Importance of Family, Community, and Region in the Early Reform Work of George W. Taylor”
      Julie Holcomb, Baylor University
    • “Leaves and Cigars: Charting Tobacco Commerce in Southern Pennsylvania”
      Caitlin Black, Penn State Harrisburg

Panel 13: Roundtable: “The Worst President Ever?”: James Buchanan, Pennsylvania’s Favorite Son, Reconsidered
Federal Room B

  • Chair: Patrick Clarke, Director of President James Buchanan’s Wheatland
  • Discussants:
    • Thomas Balcerski, Eastern Connecticut State University
    • Joshua Lynn, Eastern Kentucky University
    • Michael Birkner, Gettysburg College

Panel 14: Spotlight on Pittsburgh
Independence A

  • Chair and commentator: Allen Dieterich-Ward, Shippensburg University
  • Papers:
    • “Pittsburgh’s New Approaches to Community Development in the 1990s”
      Dan Holland, University of Pittsburgh
    • “Telling the History of the Death Penalty in Pittsburgh”
      Bill Lofquist, SUNY Geneseo
    • “The Contested Meaning of Rail Trails in the Reinvention of Pittsburgh”
      Silas Chamberlin, CEO, Downtown, Inc.

Panel 15: New Approaches to Material Culture
Independence B

  • Chair: Anne Verplanck, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Commentator: Aimee Newell, Luzerne County Historical Society
  • Papers:
    • “Benedict Arnold’s Houses: The Making and Unmaking of an American”
      Laura Macaluso, Independent Scholar
    • “Empire in Your Pantry: Telling Global Stories in a Local History Exhibit:
      Tim Betz, Director, Morgan Log House, Lansdale
    • “The Making of Museum Makers:  The Landis Brothers of Lancaster County”  Bruce Bomberger, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
    • “A Preference for the ‘Finer Types’ — Cecilia Beaux’s Portraits of Gilded Age Boys and Men”
      Tara Tappert, Independent Scholar

5:30 to 9:00pm — Friday Dinner and Awards Ceremony (Commons on Vine)

  • 5:30 pm — Cocktails
  • 6:30 pm — Dinner
  • 7:30 pm — Awards Ceremony
  • 7:50 pm — Keynote

Remarks by Robert Sandow, Lock Haven University; Chair, Philip S. Klein Book Prize Committee, and Carla Mulford, Pennsylvania State University, Chair, William Pencack Undergraduate Research Prize Committee

Keynote: Former PHA President Randall Miller, St. Joseph’s University: Our Ghosts of Slavery: Finding and Facing the History of Slavery at Mid-Atlantic Colleges.

Sponsored by Saint Joseph’s University History Department

Saturday, Oct. 13

8:30 to 9:45 am — Session 6 Plenary
Commons on Vine

Sponsored by Franklin & Marshall College.

Roundtable: Pennsylvania Politics 2018

  • Chair: Ken Heineman, Angelo State University
  • Comment: The Audience
  • Discussants:
    • Terry Madonna, Franklin & Marshall College
    • Katie Meyer, WITF Public Radio
    • John Micek, Harrisburg Patriot-News

Morning Coffee – Available 9:30 to 11:30am in the Vine Street Lobby.
Sponsored by Department of History, Millersville University

10:00 to 11:15 am — Session 7

Panel 16: Roundtable: The Place of Pennsylvania in National History
Montgomery House, State Room

  • Chair: Robert Shaffer, Shippensburg University
  • Discussants:
    • Georgette Hackman, Cocalico School District
    • Kate Lukascewicz, Sewickley Academy
    • Stephanie Townrow,

Panel 17: Women’s Lives
Federal Room A

  • Chair: Janet Moore Lindman, Rowan University
  • Commentator: Marion Roydhouse, Jefferson (Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University) East Falls Campus
  • Papers:
    • “Home Inquiries: Magazines for Women and Architectural Research”
      Laurin Davis, Penn State University
    • “From Industrial Nursing to Psychiatric Nursing: The Evolution of Nursing Education in Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Region”
      Karol Kovalovich Weaver, Susquehanna University

Panel 18: New Light on Classic Issues in Revolutionary Era Pennsylvania
Commons on Vine

  • Chair : Karen Guenther, Mansfield University
  • Commentator: Tim Shannon, Gettysburg College
  • Papers:
    • “Pittsburgh, the West and Nation: Examining Conflict and Unity on the Revolutionary Frontier”
      Jay Donis, Lehigh University
    • “Foreign Affairs and the Ratification of the Constitution in Pennsylvania”
      Robert Smith, Worcester State University
    • “The ‘Indian Atrocity’ Question in Pennsylvania Politics during the Revolution”
      Shannon Duffy, Texas State University

Panel 19: Pennsylvania Politics and the Army of the Potomac
Federal Room B

  • Chair: Corey Brooks, York College
  • Commentator: Peter Carmichael, Gettysburg College
  • Papers:
    • “A Clash of Cultures: George Gordon Meade and the Politics of War”
      Jennifer Murray, The University of Virginia at Wise
    • “Autumn 1863 as a Test of Loyalty in the Army of the Potomac”
      Zach Fry, Department of Military History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
    • “‘Kissing Goes by Favours’: Partisan Politics and the Promotion of Pennsylvania’s Civil War Officers”
      Timothy Orr, Old Dominion University

11:30 am to 12:30 pm — Poster Session
Commons on Vine

12:45pm — Luncheon and Poster Session Awards
Commons on Vine

Thaddeus Stevens Site

“The hellish Authors of my Ruin”: Making and Unmaking Peter Williamson’s Indian Captivity

Tim Shannon, Gettysburg College

2:00 to 3:00 pm — Guided Tour of the Thaddeus Stevens Site

Sponsored by Must register for tour when registering for conference.

End of Conference

Thank you for attending! We look forward to seeing you for next year’s Annual Meeting, October 17-19, 2019 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.